Conditional build tag expressions

Define conditional build tag expressions

An expression is a set of instructions. Expressions specify topics to include or exclude from the output. You can define a basic expression that excludes tags, or a complex expression with Boolean operators, such as AND, OR, NOT.

Users cannot access topics or TOCs that are excluded from output. Index keywords and TOC entries do not appear. RoboHelp removes links to the topic and removes the topic from link controls. It removes links to bookmarks inside areas tagged as excluded. Tags applied to topic content do not affect TOC, index, or link controls.

Make sure that you have a single-source layout in which to store the expression. If needed, create a layout or modify a default layout.

tip:   You can bypass build tags and generate output including all topics in the project whether build tags have been applied or not. Select None in the Conditional Build Tag list, in the Options wizard, while generating the project.

Create a conditional build tag and apply it to topics or topic content.

1)In the Project ribbon, click the Tag drop-down and choose Named Expression.

The Define Conditional Build Tag Expression dialog is displayed:

Define the conditional build expressions



Select from the list of available expressions.


Rename the selected expression.


Create a new expression.


Delete the selected expression.


From the list of current conditional build tags, choose the tags to include and exclude from the expression.


Use the AND, OR, and NOT boolean operators create an expressions. See Advanced condi­tional build tag expressions.


List of available conditional build tags


List of tags to exclude


Boolean operators used to create an expression using the Advanced option


Clear the expression built created using the Advanced option

2)When you first open the dialog, no build expression is currently selected.

3)To create a new expression, build the expression using the Basic or Advanced options and click Save.

4)To edit an available expression, choose the expression from the Expression drop-down and click Update.

5)Click Save.

If you are creating a new expression, you are prompted for a name.

September 30, 2016

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