Review Pane pod

Review Pane displays the comments and changes made directly in Design Editor as well as the comments imported from a reviewed PDF.

To display the Review Pane pod, select Review > Open > Pods > Review Pane.

note:    If you’re inserting comments or editing the content in the Track Changes mode, click in Review Pane to refresh the contents of Review Pane.

Review Pane displays the following information about each comment or change:


Displays an icon indicating a comment or the type of change, for example, inserted text and deleted text.


Displays the reviewer name as configured in Acrobat (for review comments) or in File > Options (for tracked changes). See Configure review settings.


Displays the last modified date and time for the comment or change.


Displays the comment or change in plain text.


Displays the status of the comment. note:    RoboHelp supports three types of statuses: Accepted, Rejected, and None. When you import a PDF in which statuses are set, RoboHelp converts the Canceled and Completed statuses to None.


Displays Review Comment or the type of change, Inserted and Deleted.


Displays the topic in which the comment or change is present.

To show or hide columns, right-click the Review Pane pod and select Show Columns. Select the columns.

To sort the comments and changes on the type of information displayed in a column, click the header of that column.

To access the previous or next comment in Design Editor, click the Previous icon PreviousComment.png and the Next icon NextComment.png in the Review Pane toolbar.

September 30, 2016

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