Managing Shared resources

In a distributed authoring environment, you often have authors needing to share content resources. For example, you can have different writers working on different topics on a document simultane­ously. You can even have two or more writers working on the same topic at different times, maybe in different time zones. RoboHelp provides functionality to use cloud-sharing (Dropbox, Google Drive, and SkyDrive) or a file system-based shared location to share the following resources in your project:

HTML files




Style Sheets


RoboHelp provides easy ways to add resources in the shared location and the project. Drag files and folders between Resource Manager and Windows Explorer. Drag images, style sheets, and topics from Project Manager to Resource Manager. Drag master pages between the Project Set-up pod and Resource Manager. Drag snippets from Resource Manager to topics (RoboHelp updates the Snippets pod).

When you drag a resource from within a project (for example, a snippet from the Snippets pod) to a shared location in Resource Manager, you export the resource and make it available to other authors. Conversely, when you drag and drop a resource from Resource Manager to a project, you import the resource (with its associated files) to the project.

September 30, 2016

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