Manage linked resources

Linked resources are shared resources used in a project. When you use a shared resource in a project, RoboHelp adds a copy of the shared resource in the project. However, it maintains a link with the shared location to track whether the master copy is updated.

note:    Deleting the master copy from the shared location does not delete the copy of the resource used in the project.

1)To perform tasks such as comparing and updating resources, click Shared Resources SharedResources.png.

2)In the Manage Linked Resources dialog:


Display Project Manager and share location copies of a selected file side-by-side in the topic preview.

Click Compare to launch the two files in a file comparison application. However, you need to first install and then Configure version control application.

Filter Resources:

Searches linked resources in the project based on specified criteria.

A linked resource can have one of the following status:

In sync:

The shared resource and the copy used in the project are identical.

Modified in the shared location:

The original shared resource is modified, and the copy used in the project is out-of sync.

Modified in the project:

The copy used in the project is modified.

note:    In Project Manager and Resource Manager, resources used in the project appear with icons that indicate if the resources are in sync or out of sync.

Modified in both locations:

Both the original shared resource and the copy in the project have been modified.

Not found in the shared location:

The original resource is not found in the shared location.

Not found in the project:

A reference to the resource exists in the project but the resource is deleted from the project folder. This scenario occurs only in the case of manual deletion of the resource.


Allows you to update the resource either in Project or at Shared location.

Update on Sync:

Choose to be notified when the topic is updated in the shared location. This option is selected by default. You can choose to turn it off if you do not want regular notifications. For example, if another user is making a large number of changes to a topic, you can turn off this option. Turn the option back on after the user is done with the changes.

Remove Link:

Removes the links of the selected resources to the shared location. The resources remain in the project as copied resources; any updates to the master copies in the shared location must be tracked manually.

Replace Link:

Replaces the current link with a link to another shared resource that has the same file exten­sion.

September 30, 2016

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