About PDF comments imported in Design Editor

The following table shows how each type of PDF comment is imported in Design Editor:



Sticky note

Review comment


Review comment

Comment inserted on highlighted text

Review comment

Inserted text

Inserted text in Track Changes mode

Deleted text

Deleted text in Track Changes mode

Replaced text

Combination of deleted and inserted text

note:    If a comment or track change has been imported from a review PDF, any changes to that comment or track change is not imported on further import of comments from the same PDF.

Import of comments added to SWFs

RoboHelp imports the comments added to SWFs and places them near the inserted SWFs. You can track the comments from the Review Pane pod. The comments are not associated with slides.

Import of comments added to placeholders, snippets, and headers and footers

For topic TOCs, breadcrumbs, snippets, and headers and footers in master pages, RoboHelp places comments above or below these elements. It does not insert the comments in the location where they were added in the PDF. Insertions and deletions are also imported as sticky notes.

September 30, 2016

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