WinHelp general import options

Navigation pane


Contents displays books and pages in the table of contents. The index displays keywords.


Provide definitions for the Help system.


Create a personalized list of favorite topics.


See topics viewed previously. Sets options for the navigation pane.


No Search

Select this feature to disable full-text searching.


View a list of topics by title.


Provide advanced full-text search capabilities including Boolean, wildcard, and nested expres­sions. Limit the search to previous results, match similar words, or search topic titles only.

Tab Position

Select Top, Left, or Bottom.

Default pane

Set options for Help projects.


Quickly find topics on the web. A WebSearch button is added to the Help viewer.

Create Browse Sequences

Transfer WinHelp browse sequences into HTML-based Help.

Ignore Secondary windows

Format jumps to display the HTML topics in the viewer.

note:   Display pages from the WinHelp CNT in custom windows. HTML supports jumps from TOC pages to custom windows.

Add Keywords To

Selects the location for saving keywords:

Index File (HHK)

Save all keywords in a single index file.

Each Topic

Save all keywords in the HTML topic files referencing them.

note:   The project compiles a binary index when keywords are added to HTML topics. Topic keywords are automatically sorted in the index and cannot be cross-referenced. They can link only to local HTML topics. The destination topics can be displayed only in the default Help window.


Open the HTML Help Advanced Settings dialog to further customize the viewer.

September 30, 2016

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