WinHelp formatting import options

Work with or without style sheets. Without style sheets, topics format using inline styles. For external style sheets, create new style sheets based on the formatting in WinHelp documents or select a style sheet already in use.

Inline Styles (No External Style Sheets)

Convert all formatting into HTML inline styles. This option does not create or apply styles or style sheets to the topics. Formatting is handled on a paragraph-by-paragraph and char­acter-by-character basis. Apply styles after importing the project. Manually apply character and paragraph attributes to new topics.

External Style Sheets (One For Each Source Document)

Create one style sheet for each DOC file imported.

External Style Sheet Based On One Source Document

Create a single external style sheet based on one DOC file. The style sheet uses the same names and formatting as the styles in the WinHelp documents. The HTML topic text is formatted using these styles.

External Style Sheet Based On Existing Style Sheet

Link an existing style sheet to all topics. Styles in the DOC files must have a one-to-one rela­tionship to styles in the style sheet, including style names. Apply styles to the paragraphs and characters that use them. With a one-to-one style relationship, styles in HTML topics use the same names and formatting as the styles in WinHelp documents.

September 30, 2016

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