Version control FAQs

How does version control work?

A Help project includes topics, graphics, style sheets, TOC, windows, and other components, each with its own file so authors can work on components independently.

How can multiple authors use version control?

Edit project components while authors edit other components.

View project components even while they are being worked on.

Get the latest changes (after authors check in files).

Configure and use version control from RoboHelp. (Using version control on your project outside RoboHelp is not recommended.)

Can single-user projects use version control?

Yes, to use revision tracking, and to centralize projects onto a network for backup.

Are multiuser checkouts OK?

Multiuser checkouts are not recommended.

Where can I set version control options for RoboHelp?

Click File > Options > Version Control.

Will I need my version control program outside RoboHelp?

When removing files or folders from your project, remove them from version control also. Also use your version control software to create user accounts or set program properties. You can open version control from RoboHelp.

Should I check out the project file (XPJ) to edit the project?

You don’t have to check out the XPJ file when editing. You check out the XPJ file only if you edit project settings.

Are items added to the project also added to version control?

Yes. New topics are added immediately; new folders are added when you save the project. When you rename a file or folder, it is not renamed in version control. The new item is added, but the original item remains with its old name. Remove the item by going into version control.

Save your project whenever you add files, but be sure to check files back in to add changes to version control. Changes saved to your local hard drive aren’t added.

Are items removed from the project removed from version control?

Files are removed from version control as you delete them. Renamed items are added under their new name, but the old version remains under its old name.

Where are the latest changes made by the team?

You can get the latest file versions (checked in by other users) when you open the project, or manu­ally.

How can I add output files to version control?

If others need access to your output files, add them to version control.

September 30, 2016

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