Translation workflows

You can create content for multiple languages in a single RoboHelp HTML project by translating the English content in the same project. You can then create tables of contents, indexes, glossaries, and conditional build tags in the project for the desired languages. Finally, you can apply conditional build tags to content authored in the various languages, and generate conditional output.

Follow the steps in this workflow, which uses translation from English to French and Japanese as an example:

1)Apply French language project settings by selecting French Language.

2)Open an English topic, create a topic for the French language, and translate the content, including the topic title from English to French. (Do not translate topic filenames.)

3)Create French tables of contents, indexes, and glossaries.

4)Create a conditional build tag, such as FrenchContent.

5)Apply the FrenchContent conditional build tag to French content and topics.

6)Generate output for the French language.

7)Apply Japanese language project settings by selecting the Japanese Language.

8)Open an English topic, create a topic for the Japanese language, and translate the content from English to Japanese.

9)Create Japanese tables of contents, indexes, and glossaries.

10)Create a conditional build tag called JapaneseContent.

11)Apply the JapaneseContent conditional build tag to the Japanese content.

12)Generate output for the Japanese language.note:    To view the Japanese output, you must change your PC’s language to Japanese.note:    To translate a WebHelp project, first make a copy of the project, open that copy in RoboHelp and author in your desired language.

Compare content in different languages

1)Open topics created in different languages.

2)In Design Editor, position the topics side by side: Drag a topic tab slightly down or to the right, and release the mouse when the page icon Page.png appears. Choose New Horizontal Tab Group or New Vertical Tab Group.

Select a different language for translating a project file

1)Select Output > Stop Words.

2)In the Advanced Settings for Localization dialog box, use the following tabs:

Stop List

Click New to add words that must be ignored during a text search.


Click New to add a phrase for the Smart Index Wizard to include when searching topic content for keywords.


Click Edit to modify the text for each user interface element listed.

"Always Ignore" Words

Click New to add a word or phrase that the Smart Index Wizard ignores when generating the index.


Click New to add a synonym for a word. This option enables you to search for words and their synonyms. The results are always returned for the searched words.

September 30, 2016

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