Rename a project

When you rename a project, the main project file (.xpj) and all other project files are renamed.note:    The TOC, index, and glossary files are not renamed.

When you rename a project, the project closes and reopens. Any changes made since last saving are saved. note:    You cannot rename projects under version control.

1)Open the project.

2)Select File > Rename Project.

3)In the Project Name box, enter the new project name (do not enter a filename extension).

4)Click OK. To make the changes take effect, the program closes and then reopens the project.

note:   If you are creating Microsoft HTML Help, the name of the compiled HTML Help file (CHM file) is based on the project filename. If you change the project name, the name of the CHM file changes as well. You can rename the CHM file to restore the old name.

September 30, 2016

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