Project basics

About projects

Projects contain the source files that become the final Help system. Help authors work with the project files, and Help users view the output. For CHM output, the project contains the content you create and the properties you set up, such as what the output window looks like. The developer deter­mines the window for WebHelp and FlashHelp output formats, or leaves them to run in your browser window. Create folders in the Project Manager to organize topics and structure the Help system.

Projects are collections of files. The project file (XPJ file) contains information about the content and properties of the project. Whenever you change the project, this file (and any other affected file) is updated automatically. Project files consist of the following:


Project files contain topics with content and information about the location of topics, images, index, TOC, and other files.


Projects contain setting information, such as project title, language, and windows. When you first create a project, the basic (default) settings are used. Modify these settings according to your design needs.


Projects include a table of contents, index, and full-text search.

You can view the elements that make up a project in several places, including the Project Manager, Single-Source Layouts pod, and Project Settings dialog box. You can also generate various reports (Tools > Reports) that identify project status, duplicate topics, files distributed with Help, and so on.

September 30, 2016

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