Manage files

List topics by title or filename

1)In the Project Manager pod, open the Project Files folder.

2)Select Project > View > Display Topics > By Topic Title or By File Name.

Using the To Do list

The To Do list helps you track project tasks. You can customize the list by adding, deleting, or modi­fying the existing To Do tasks.note:    To Do settings are retained when you upgrade a project from an older version of RoboHelp to a newer version.

You can generate a report on the customized To Do list.

Edit items on the To Do list

1)Select Project > File > Project Settings.

2)Click the General tab.

3)Click Manage.

4)Do either of the following:

To add a task to the list, click Add. Type the name of the task item.

To edit or remove a task, select the task and click Edit or Delete.

note:    From the Project Settings dialog box, you cannot see the Ran Smart Index item in the default To Do list. This precaution ensures that you do not delete this item by mistake. By default, RoboHelp sets the option Ran Smart Index for all the topics on which you run the Smart Index wizard.

Update the To Do list for a topic

1)Right-click a topic in the Project Manager pod and select Properties. Click the Status tab.

2)Select or deselect items on the To Do list.

Generate a status report

You can generate a Project Status report to view the number of topics using the To Do list.

1)Select Tools > Reports > Project Status.

Edit the list of recently opened projects

Recently opened projects are listed in the RoboHelp Starter pod.

1)Select File > Options.

2)Click the Recent Projects tab.

To change the number of files listed, specify a number in the Max Projects box.

To remove a file from the list, select it and click Remove.

Add files to the Baggage folder

RoboHelp sometimes doesn’t automatically add references to external elements to the Baggage Files folder. If needed, add files to the Baggage Files folder so the external elements appear correctly in the output:

1)Select Project > Open > Pods > Project Manager.

The Pods drop-down list is also available in the Edit and Review ribbons.

2)Right-click the Baggage Files folder. Select New > Baggage File.

note:    If the Baggage Files folder isn’t listed, click the Toggle Project Manager View button ToggleProjectMgrView_2.png.

3)Double-click the source file for any of the following:

Bitmaps and icons used with HTML Help controls

Image files used in style sheets, topic backgrounds, and scripts

The JavaScript file that supports Dynamic HTML effects, such as pop-ups and drop-down hotspots

4)Click Yes.

note:    You can create a link to a baggage file by pressing the SHFT key while dragging and drop­ping it into a topic.

Remove files from the Baggage folder

To remove a file from the Baggage folder:

1)Select the file and click Delete.

Map file types

Map file types to associate them with the applications used for editing them.

Associate a file extension with an application

1)Select File > Options.

2)Click File Association tab.

3)For associated programs, click Add.

4)Enter a filename extension.

5)Select an editor to edit documents with the specified filename extension.

When you select a program, its location appears in the Edit With box. The programs appear alphabetically.note:    Only those programs appear in the list whose registry entry is set to “NoOpenWith.”

6)Select a program to view the file.

You can also browse to a program not listed in the program list.

Add an HTML editor mapping

1)Select File > Options.

2)Click File Association tab.

3)For HTML editors, click Add.

4)Select from the recommended or other programs registered to edit or view .html or .htm files.note:    When you select a program, its name and location appear in the Name and Location box. You can also browse for a program that does not appear in the program list.

5)Click OK. The selected program appears in the list of HTML editors.note:    To change the HTML editor, browse and select a new program.

Remove topics from projects

Before you remove files, back up all project files and view and print reports if your project is not under version control. To avoid broken links, don’t remove files in Windows Explorer or version control software.

1)Select one or more files:

To remove a topic, use the Project Manager pod.

To remove multiple topics, use the Topic List pod.

2)Press Delete. If prompted, do NOT remove references to removed topics.

note:    You can choose to remove the references, but if you do that, you do not get to review the effect of the removal in other topics. Electing NOT to remove the references, forces the links to display in Broken Links, from which you can review each topic to see if any editing is required.

September 30, 2016

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