Importing FrameMaker documents

The RoboHelp workflow for linking or importing FrameMaker documents allows you to do the following:

Create a RoboHelp project by importing a FrameMaker book. You can import BOOK or BK files.

Import FrameMaker documents into a RoboHelp project. You can import FM files, or MIF files that are authored in FrameMaker. XML files that are part of a FrameMaker book can be imported.

Before you import FrameMaker documents, check them in FrameMaker for errors such as unre­solved cross-references and format overrides. See Preparing FrameMaker documents for conversion to Help.

Create a RoboHelp project by importing FrameMaker books or documents

You can create a RoboHelp project by importing FrameMaker books or documents. Importing these files requires that FrameMaker 8 or later installed is in your computer.

1)On the RoboHelp Starter page, click More under Import or select File > New Project.

2)On the Import tab of the New Project dialog box, select FrameMaker Document and click OK.

3)Select the FrameMaker book or document (BOOK, BK, FM, MIF, FRM) from the Files Of Type pop-up menu, browse to select the FrameMaker book, and click Open.

note:    Use the above procedure to create a new project from scratch and import FrameMaker content in the new project. However, linking of FrameMaker documents is not allowed in this case.

Import a FrameMaker book into a new RoboHelp project

1)Create a project in RoboHelp.

2)Select Project > Import > Document > FrameMaker Document.

3)Select FrameMaker book (BOOK) from the Files Of Type pop-up menu.

4)Browse to select the FrameMaker book file and click Open.

If you are importing a FrameMaker document, you can select the components that you want to import from the Import Wizard that appears. You can select the TOC, index, and glossary, and specify the conversion settings.

note:    Use the above procedure if you already have a project with some content, and wish to import FrameMaker content. Linking of FrameMaker document is allowed in this case.

Import FrameMaker documents into an existing RoboHelp project

1)Select Project > Import > Document > FrameMaker document.

2)Select the FrameMaker document type that you want to import.

3)Select the documents and click Open.

September 30, 2016

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