Import WinHelp Project settings


Smart Popups

Create links that display pop-ups that resize to accommodate content. All HTML formatting is supported.

Regular Hyperlinks

Create links that open in the window in which the link appears.

What’s This Help

Text-Only Topic Files

Create and save topics in text-only format (TXT). Use this option for What's This? Help topics.

Individual HTML Files

Create and save topics as regular HTML topics for window-level context-sensitive Help.

External topics

Links To External HTML Help Topic

Convert external WinHelp topic links to HTML topic links in external CHM files.

Retain Keep External WinHelp Topic Links

HTML topics include WinHelp Topic controls. Use this option when linking HTML topics to WinHelp topics.


Converts BMP images into GIFs or JPEGs.


HHTML Bullets And Numbering

(Recommended setting) Convert numbered lists and bulleted lists into their HTML equiva­lents using Pure HTML tags (<ol>, <ul>, <li>). These lists are auto-numbered or bulleted. Special paragraph formatting used in RTF files is not carried over.

Formatted Text

Retain indents, line spacing, and other paragraph formats from RTF files. Convert numbered lists into hard-coded numbered lists. Convert bulleted-list items into hard-coded symbol char­acters.


Remove hard-coded numbers and bullets and replace with auto-numbered lists and bulleted lists in the Design Editor.

Create special bulleted and numbered list styles and apply them to paragraphs after they are converted.

September 30, 2016

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