HTML projects from WinHelp: Frequently asked questions

Will WinHelp macros work in the HTML project?

All WinHelp macros with HTML counterparts are converted and included in the HTML project. Non-standard WinHelp macros with no HTML equivalent are not converted.

Can HTML topics open in custom windows as in WinHelp?

You can format books and pages in the TOC to display destination topics in custom windows or frames. Microsoft HTML Help does not support links to custom windows, though you can format these links to use pop-up note windows and frames.

Can I use tabs in HTML topics?

HTML does not support tabs and converts them to spaces. Use tables instead to position text in HTML.

How can I add spaces to position text in HTML topics?

You can edit topics in the RoboHelp HTML Editor and add non-breaking spaces to position text. However, display issues can occur if the Help window is resized. Consider using tables instead to position text in HTML.

Tables convert into HTML topics, but the columns do not resize properly and a horizontal scroll bar appears.

Use the Design Editor to resize cells and tables.

How can I fix incorrectly formatted bullet lists?

You can remove broken bitmap references from topics and use HTML bulleted styles, and adjust hanging indents. You can also use the Formatted Text option to import paragraph formatting from Word documents.

My WinHelp topics use manually numbered lists with {SEQ} fields. What happens to these fields?

HTML does not support {SEQ} fields, but recognizes number sequences and converts the lists into numbered paragraphs. You can delete these numbers and apply an HTML numbered style to the list.

What happens to nonscrolling regions?

HTML projects do not support nonscrolling regions, and the tri-pane output window does not need them.

The background in the Design Editor is gray, but in the preview window is white. How can I make the background always white?

The style sheets use a gray background (the HTML default), while the preview window uses a back­ground specified by your browser. To change the style sheet background, see Use color and images.

When I click a hyperlink, an error says the system cannot open the site or find the path. What does this mean?

The link is to a non-existent file or a topic in a DOC or WinHelp Help file not included in the project.

After I create the HTML project, is it ready to distribute?

Open the HTML project in RoboHelp, review the topics, TOC, index, and so forth. Preview the topics and test the links.

Will context-sensitive topics transfer into an HTML project?

What's This? topics in RoboHelp for Word can convert into text-only topics. Dialog box level topics can convert into individual HTML topics for use as window-level Help in RoboHelp.

September 30, 2016

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