HLP and HPJ files

When you import compiled WinHelp 4.0 files, RoboHelp does the following:

Creates an HTML-based project. Information in the HLP or HPJ file is used to create the project file (HHP) and a RoboHelp project file (XPJ).

Creates HTML topics. Information in the HPJ file is used to create an HTML Help file and a RoboHelp project file (XPJ). Open the project to open the XPJ file. A separate HTML topic is created for each WinHelp topic. These files are saved in the HTML Files (Topics) folder.

Converts WinHelp graphics to HTML images. WinHelp bitmap files (BMP, MRB) and meta­files (WMF) convert into Graphic Interchange Format files (GIF). Images that are right-aligned are left-aligned in the HTML topics. Modify the size and placement of these images in the Design Editor.

Converts hotspot images into image maps. WinHelp hotspot images (SHG files) convert to HTML image maps (GIF).

Maintains authorable buttons. Authorable text buttons, mini buttons, and graphic buttons all convert and work in the HTML topics. Modify authorable buttons in the Design Editor. Authorable buttons are known as Link Controls and HTML Help controls.

Creates an HTML table of contents. An HTML Help table of contents (HHC file) is created from the WinHelp contents file (CNT). Modify the table of contents in the TOC Composer.

Creates an HTML index. An HTML Help index (HHK file) is created that includes the same keywords as in WinHelp. A new index includes keywords that match jumps in the topic.

The RTF files are used to create an HTML index that includes the same keywords. Modify keywords in the Index Designer and use the Smart Index wizard to automate indexing tasks.

note:   This information doesn’t apply to every HLP or HPJ project.

September 30, 2016

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