Customizing text for localization

You can customize certain text in the user interface for WebHelp, WebHelp Pro, FlashHelp, Flash­Help Pro, and HTML Help outputs. Here is what you can change for each format:

WebHelp, WebHelp Pro, FlashHelp and FlashHelp Pro

With a skin      Customize text in the Skin Editor. If you do not change the default text (such as “Contents” for the Contents button), the text is automatically translated using the project language setting.). If you customize text in a skin, the skin text overrides any customizations you make in the LNG file. For FlashHelp, the Flash developer uses the Skin Development Kit to customize the text.

WebHelp only

Without a skin      Edit the language file. You can localize browse sequence button text; text on the Glossary tab, Previous button, and Next button; certain messages; and the Contents, Index, and Search tabs. For example, you can change the text on the Search tab from “Search” to “Find.”


You can customize browse sequence button text and all text on the Glossary tab. Change window titles in the Windows Properties dialog box.

September 30, 2016

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