Customize merged Responsive HTML5, WebHelp Pro, or FlashHelp Pro projects

RoboHelp Server automatically merges multiple Responsive HTML5, WebHelp Pro or FlashHelp Pro projects. The projects appear in the table of contents in alphabetical order. To nest a project TOC within the TOC of another project, you can rearrange the projects in the table of contents. You can ask your server administrator to change the order of the projects for you in RoboHelp Server, or you can customize the projects yourself.

1)Ask your server administrator to deselect the Automatically Merge All Projects option in the Projects tab of the RoboHelp Server (Web Admin interface).

2)Open the master project. Select any project as the master or select a blank project as a master project.

3)In the TOC pod, click the New Merged Project icon. The Merged Project dialog opens.

4)In Project Name, type a Responsive HTML5, WebHelp Pro or FlashHelp Pro project (XPJ) name. Or, click Open to browse to the project file. A reference to this project is inserted in the TOC of the current project where you clicked.

5)Click OK. An icon with the project name is displayed in the TOC where you inserted the child project. The icon is a placeholder indicating where the TOC of the child project appears in the merged project. If needed, you can drag the icon to another location in the TOC and drop it into place.

6)Generate all the projects to update any changes.

7)Publish the master project.

8)View the merged project from the server.

September 30, 2016

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