Create and manage projects

Create a project

1)Do one of the following:

Select File > New Project.

In the Starter pod, click More under Create New.

2)On the New pane in the New Project dialog box, double-click a project type. You can change the project type after your project is created.

Blank Project

Customize and publish a project in any output. You can modify the window settings for WebHelp, FlashHelp, and HTML Help outputs.

Application Help

Create a Help system that you can install locally. The Application Help project has sample topics with notes on how you can customize and modify the information. For example, you can create a Help system to document information about a company product.note:    By default, the Application Help does not use master pages or snippets but you can always add them.


Create a project for an electronic handbook, such as an employee handbook for a company. The e-Handbook project template provides the relevant folders and topics for you to place company-specific information.


Integrate and organize Captivate demos into a project. Using the layout and recommendations provided, you can create computer-based and web-based training.

Knowledge Base

Create a knowledgebase that has an interface similar to a wiki page. The knowledgebase project template contains master pages that you can customize. You can also create self-updating pages.

Web Application Help

Create a Help system that you can publish on a server. The Web Application Help project has sample topics with notes on creating online Help for a software application.

Department Guidelines

Create a Help system to outline guidelines for a department in a company. For example, you can create Help for a human resources department, outlining guidelines on recruitment and selection, flexible working hours, and so on.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Create a Help system with samples on how to write a disaster recovery plan.

Online Manual

Create an online manual for a company product or software application.

Policies And Procedures

Create a handbook or a document listing policies and procedures specific to an organization.


Customize a Help project template.

3)Specify options in the New Project Wizard dialog box:

RoboHelp stores the project title in a field called Project Title. You can insert the field in topic contents, snippets, master pages, and screen layouts.

Leave Language as English or select another language to localize the project. Spell checking, indexing with the Smart Index Wizard, and parts of the user interface are local­ized.

If you select Save As Default, the selected language is used for all new projects.

4)Click Finish.

The first topic opens in the Design Editor on the right. On the left, the Project Manager opens. The first topic is selected in the HTML Files (Topics) folder.

September 30, 2016

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