Create a project by importing documents

1)Do one of the following:

From the Starter pod, select a new project type from the Import list.

Select File > New Project. Click the Import tab and select a new project type.

2)Follow the prompts. The new project opens in RoboHelp.

Create a project using FrameMaker or Word documents

You can create new projects by importing FrameMaker or Word documents. While importing, you can map the styles of these documents to styles in RoboHelp.

1)Select File > New Project and click Import.

2)Select FrameMaker or Word documents and click OK.

3)Select from .book, .mif, .fm, .bk, and .frm files for FrameMaker and .doc, .docx, .rtf, and .docm files for Word. You can import multiple FrameMaker or Word documents at the same time. You can import .book and .bk files one at a time.

note:    For any FrameMaker format other than MIF, FrameMaker 8 or later is required. If the correct version is not installed, you cannot import the file.

4)Enter the project title, filename, and location of the project.

5)Click Finish.

A new project wizard prompts you to select options to map the TOC, index, or glossary.

6)Select the required options, and click Next.

7)Click Edit.

8)Select styles to map to the RoboHelp styles.

For information about different conversion options for FrameMaker documents, see Conver­sion basics.

For information about different conversion options for Word documents, see Converting Word styles to RoboHelp styles.

9)Click OK.

note:    If you click Cancel in the wizard, no files are imported and the empty project remains open.

10)Click Finish.

Create a project using a DITA map file

important:   For expert users only.

Before you import a DITA map file, Java JDK and the DITA Open Toolkit must be installed and running properly. Experience with DITA and the DITA Open Toolkit is also required.

1)Select File > New Project.

2)Click the Import tab.

3)Select DITA Map File.

4)Click OK.

5)Enter the following information in the New Project wizard:

DITA Map File To Import

Specify path to a valid DITA map file that you want to import and create a project. Click the Browse button browsebut.png to select the file.

Location Of The Project

Specify path to the location of the new project.

6)Click Next.

7)Specify the input required on the Open DITA Toolkit Processing Options dialog box.

8)Click Finish.

September 30, 2016

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