Create a project by importing a PDF file

note:   You cannot import encrypted PDF files (files that require a password).

1)Select File > New Project.newproject.png

2)Click the Import tab. Select PDF Document and click OK.

3)Click the browse button to select one or more PDF files from a single folder. Click Open, and then click Next.

4)Enter the project information. Click Next.

5)Select options in the Conversion Options dialog box.


Select how to split the PDF into topics.

Create New Topic(s) Based On Style(s)

Activates the Next button. Click to select styles.

Create A Single Topic

Creates one topic from the entire PDF.

Create A Topic For Each PDF Page

Choose additional options.

Convert As HTML

Creates a topic for each PDF page.

Convert As Image

Renders each PDF page as a separate image.

Convert As Absolutely Positioned HTML (Advanced)

Creates a topic for each PDF page. Positioning the content can require advanced HTML and subsequent editing can be difficult. Use this option if the other options don’t produce the results you want. This option is not recommended for printed documentation.


Select the format for images converted from the PDF. To exclude images, select None.

Page Range

By default, all PDF pages are converted. Alternatively, enter the page numbers on which to start and end.

Create new topics based on styles

Styles are converted based on the following:

The most common style becomes the Normal style, which cannot be used to split topics.

The remaining styles are ranked from largest point size to smallest. Style ranking also considers boldness (highest precedence), italics, and normal (lowest precedence).

Styles are ordered and numbered using “Heading 1” for the dominant heading style and “PdfParaStyle01” through “PdfParaStyleX” for all other styles. Rename these styles using this dialog.

Create New Topics Based On

Lists the styles used in the PDF document.

note:    RoboHelp splits the documents into topics using the specified styles. The style text is included by default in the filename of the topic file created. Any non-ASCII characters in the topic file names are automatically converted to ASCII characters.


Displays a description of the selected style.

Paragraph Preview

Displays a preview of the selected style.

Rename Style

Renames the selected style in your project.


Completes the import process.


Returns to the Conversion Options dialog box.

September 30, 2016

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