Convert context-sensitive Help markers from FrameMaker documents

You can convert the context-sensitive Help markers that you insert in your FrameMaker documents and reuse them as map IDs. You specify the context-sensitive Help marker in the Project Settings dialog box before linking FrameMaker documents. You can also specify this setting when you import FrameMaker documents. You can work with context-sensitive Help markers in FrameMaker documents in two ways:

Automatic conversion of map IDs from FrameMaker documents

You apply context-sensitive Help markers in your FrameMaker documents, and specify the marker type in the conversion settings. RoboHelp imports the markers from FrameMaker documents and adds the map IDs from the strings contained in the context-sensitive Help markers.

Manually adding a map ID file

If you received map IDs from your development team, you use these map IDs as the context-sensitive Help marker text strings for the marker to be used as context-sensitive Help marker in your FrameMaker documents. Later, you create a map ID file by associating the map IDs from the development team and the context-sensitive Help marker text you inserted in the FrameMaker documents. You then add this file to the project. When you link or import the FrameMaker documents, you specify the context-sensitive Help marker in the conversion settings.

1)Select Project > Project Settings.

2)In the Import tab of the Project Settings dialog box, click Edit under FrameMaker Document.

3)In the Other Settings group of the Conversion Settings dialog box, enter the Context-Sensitive Help Marker.

September 30, 2016

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