Configure RoboHelp settings for SharePoint

1)In RoboHelp, click File > Options > Version Control to display the version control settings.

2)In the SharePoint Settings area, enter the path of a file comparison program that is installed on the system and the arguments (parameters) for it. RoboHelp uses it in file comparison opera­tions. You can download the free comparison program Winmerge from

note:    If you use Winmerge, enter the path to winmerge that is installed on your system, in the Path parameter, and %1 %2 as the Arguments. %1 and %2 denote the two files to be compared.

3)Configure the following options:

Notify Before Overwriting Writable Files

Notifies the user before overwriting any writable files that are not checked out.

Replace Local File Even If Server Version Is Same

Forces RoboHelp to fetch the latest files from the server, even if local file version and server version is the same.

Default Checkin Option

Select whether to check in the files as a major version or as a minor version. The default is to check in as a major version.

note:    The Default Checkin Option comes into effect when while checking in, the check in dialog is suppressed.

RoboHelp does not display notifications for version control operations by default. To display noti­fications, enable the relevant options in the Display Confirmation Dialog When area in the Version Control page of the Options dialog box (File > Options).

September 30, 2016

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