Authoring content in multiple languages

You can change the language of an existing project or a new project. The language affects the window text, as well as the dictionary for the spell checker and the automatic indexing (Smart Index Wizard) customized settings.

You can also customize the display text, such as the text in browse sequence buttons, previous and next buttons, show/hide buttons, some messages, and more. The text can be anything you specify. For example, the default text “Search” on the Search tab can be changed to “Find” in the language of your choice.

When delivering the project to translators, always provide the source files and not the output files.

note:   In HTML Help systems, the end user’s operating system must be in the same language as the one used in your project. Otherwise, the end user’s operating system overrides the language specified in your project. The dictionary and index sorting are not affected in the end user’s system.

September 30, 2016

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