Apply version control

1)Install version control software that supports the Microsoft SCC API.

2)Work with your network administrator to address user access. See your version control soft­ware documentation.

3)Add the project to version control.

Access version control options in pods

File status pod

Select Project > Open > Pods > File Status. Shows the list of files for file status and version control tasks. The Version Control toolbar provides access to version control tasks.

Topic list pod

Select Project > Open > Pods > Topic List. Use to open, view, and sort topics.

Project Manager pod

Select Project > Open > Pods > Project Manager. Displays file icons. A red check mark indi­cates that a file is checked out.

note:   The RoboHelp user interface is optimized for RoboSource Control, Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2005, and Microsoft Visual SourceSafe.

September 30, 2016

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