Add a project to a SharePoint document library

1)Click Collaborate > Add to Version Control icon.

2)Select RoboHelp SharePoint Connector and click OK.

3)Specify the SharePoint site that contains the Document Library, and the username and pass­word to log on to SharePoint. Click OK to log on to SharePoint.

note:    You can use LDAP authentication if it is configured on the SharePoint server, by selecting the option Use Windows Authentication.

When you connect to the SharePoint site, all the document libraries in that site are displayed.

4)Create a folder inside a document library or use an existing empty folder to upload the Robo­Help files and click OK.

RoboHelp adds the project files to SharePoint.

note:    You can add the project to any folder inside the document library. The folder must be empty. You cannot add the project directly to a document library.

September 30, 2016

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