About the XML Handler Manager

Handlers determine how XML is imported. Select one of the predefined handlers or create a custom handler to meet your requirements. You can select a handler when you import an XML file into a project or when you generate XML output.

The XML Handler Manager lists all Handler Description files (HDF files) that have been exported from the HDF Editor.

Handler Description files (HDF files)

Contain individual handlers and the files necessary to perform the XML transformation. The predefined HDF files are organized by type (XHMTL, for example) and contain all related handlers:


This handler type includes: Import DocBook As Topics, Export Project To DocBook, Export Topics To DocBook.


This handler type includes: Import XHMTL (XML), Import XHTML (XHTML), Export Topics To XHTML, Export Project To XHMTL.


This handler type includes: Import XML (CSS/XSL).

tip:   To open an HDF file and view the handlers in it, click the plus box to the left of an HDF file.


After selecting an HDF file (XHTML, for example) or a specific handler, click to open the HDF Editor and edit a handler.


After selecting an HDF file (XHTML, for example), click to delete all handlers in it.


Import an existing handler.

note:   Initially a handler is an HDF file with a subfolder of support files. To bring a handler file from the HDF Editor into this program, export the HDF file as a ZDF file. Use the HDF Editor for this task.

September 30, 2016

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