Types of HTML Help ActiveX controls

Calendar Control

When users open a topic with a calendar control, a calendar appears in the text. Users can select months and years to view and print.

Custom Buttons

Users can download the latest information from a database or the latest version of the applica­tion with custom buttons.


When users open a topic that contains a banner, they are directed to the content. The banner lets you design and test text, images, and icons to display at designated intervals in a topic.


Lets users draw charts that they can view and print. They can change the chart properties by selecting options and check boxes. They can also enter data to display in the chart or graph.


Lets users enter data, for example, in an online test. Users can obtain test results and view results (the correct answers to each question).

tip:   You can insert any ActiveX control registered on the system into topics in projects. To add other ActiveX controls, install and register the ActiveX control on the system before using it.

September 30, 2016

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