Run scripts

Using the command line

You can run scripts by entering a command in the following format:

Robohtml.exe -x [scriptfilenames]

You can specify multiple script filenames, separated by a space, to run one script after another. If the filename path contains a space, enclose the filename path in single or double quotation marks.

Using the Tools menu

You can use the RoboHelp scripting samples available at Tools > Scripts or create new scripts to run them; see the ExtendScript Toolkit documentation.

Using Windows Explorer

Double-click a script to open it in the ExtendScript Toolkit and run it.

Using ExtendScript Toolkit

Start RoboHelp directly from the ExtendScript Toolkit and run your scripts. To start Robo­Help, select Adobe RoboHelp [version] from the ExtendScript Toolkit pop-up menu. Click the Click To Connect To Target Application ConnectToTargetApp.png to run RoboHelp. The icon is green to indicate that RoboHelp HTML is running.note:    If you don’t select Adobe RoboHelp in the ExtendScript Toolkit, and you try running a script, an error occurs.

September 30, 2016

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