Link to topics in frames

1)Ensure that the frameset is open in the browser or viewer.

2)Open a topic and select the text to link.

3)Right-click and select the Insert Hyperlink button hyper_but.png.

4)In Link To, click the triangle pop-up menu dropdown_arrow.png to select a type of destination.

Or, select the topic or URL from Select Destination (File Or URL).

5)In the Display In Frame pop-up menu, select the destination. This option defines the frame for displaying content.

Page Default (None)

Opens the topic in the same frame as the Help file window.

New window

Opens the topic in a new browser window.

Same Frame

Opens the topic in the same frame as the current topic.

Parent Frame

Opens the topic in the link parent frame and hides the original topic.

Whole Page

Opens the topic in the Help file window, replacing the original topic or frameset.

6)Click OK.

September 30, 2016

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