About frames and framesets

Design framesets to customize navigation:


Divide the viewer into separate regions for separate topics.


Allow some topics to change while topics in another frame remain stationary.

The frameset tells the viewer how to display the frames and which topics to display inside each frame. Topics that are displayed in the frames are the frame source topics. You can use framesets as regular HTML topics.

You can have multiple frames in a frameset. Because screen space determines how many frames are practical, too many frames give the viewer a cluttered look. Sometimes only parts of words appear inside each frame. Numerous frames cause increased load times.


Printing is restricted to one frame at a time, although you can print the entire project from the viewer or browser.

Target hypertext links to specific frames.

Hypertext-linked external topics or URLs sometimes display incorrectly.

Framesets are saved in the HTML Files (Topics) folder in the Project Manager. A square icon frame_ico.png indicates frameset files.

September 30, 2016

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