Form elements

Form elements are available from the Design Editor.

Text Field

Lets users type text in a form. You can enter default text in the field to guide users, or you can leave the field empty.

Multi-Line Text Field

Lets users enter over one line of text in a form field.

Hidden Field

Lets users add names and values for hidden fields.

Password Field

Lets users apply password protection. When users type in the box, the viewer displays the pass­word as a series of asterisks (*) for confidentiality.

Radio Button

Lets users select only one alternative from a group. Options are presented in a list, one of which is selected by default. Clicking a new button clears the previously selected item.

Check Box

Enables users to select any combination of alternatives. Check boxes can represent a group of non-exclusive choices.


Lets users insert a plain button on the form, designate the caption, and perform customized actions defined by the author.

Submit Button

Lets users submit a completed form to a server.

Image Button

Lets users insert a custom image on top of a button that performs an action when clicked.

Reset Button

Lets users reset the form to its initial state.

Drop-Down Menu

Lets users insert a drop-down menu in the form. Users can select one or more items, depending on how you configure the drop-down menu.

September 30, 2016

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