Customize ActiveX control properties

1)Double-click the ActiveX control in the topic to open the Properties dialog box, and view ActiveX control properties including the following:

Code Source

Provides an address (URL) for the latest copy of the ActiveX control (if it is not on the local system).

Data Source

Provides an address (URL) that specifies where the ActiveX control searches to find any of its data arguments.


Displays the identification of the ActiveX control (if it includes an ID).

2)Click the ActiveX Control tab, and click Add to specify the following properties. Then click OK.

In Name, select the property type to add from the list of customizable properties for the ActiveX control.

In Value, enter a value for the selected property.

3)Click the Margins tab, and specify the margins.

4)Click the Borders tab. Under Settings, select Box or Custom.

The Custom setting lets you add a border of a different size and color to each side of the ActiveX control. Specify line style and border color and thickness, and preview the selections.

5)In the Size tab, specify the following Size properties:

Enter Preferred Width and Height in pixels (px) (default) or percentages (%).

Click Maintain Aspect Ratio to keep the height and width proportional.

September 30, 2016

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