Create framesets

1)Select Project > Open > Pods > Project Manager.

2)Right-click Project Files and select New > Frameset, and click a template.

3)Enter a title. The title becomes the filename. Click Next.

4)Define the properties for each frame in the frameset:

In Name, enter a name.

From the All Folders pop-up menu, select the file or URL to attach to the frame. The selection appears in the Initial File field.

Design the frame, specifying values for the height, width, frame margins, and border color. Specify the following options, and then click Finish:

No Resize

Prevents users from resizing the frame.


Controls the display of scroll bars inside the frame.


Displays a scroll bar if the entire topic content can be viewed only by scrolling.


Always displays scroll bars.


Does not display scroll bars.

New Topic

Creates a topic and assigns it to a frame.

September 30, 2016

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