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About ActiveX controls

ActiveX controls are Microsoft Windows-based applications that you can plug into projects. They are small, pre-compiled, modular, and reusable. Web developers use ActiveX controls to extend the functionality of their HTML pages. You can use ActiveX controls to extend the functionality of topics.

ActiveX controls work exclusively in browsers that support ActiveX technology. Microsoft Internet Explorer and the HTML Help viewer support these controls. Netscape Navigator does not support ActiveX controls.

RoboHelp includes several ActiveX controls for HTML Help functionality, including link controls and HTML Help controls. You can add other ActiveX controls. ActiveX controls can perform credit card transactions, spreadsheet calculations and provide database communications.

Some ActiveX controls are included with projects. For example, the HHCTRL.OCX provided by Microsoft is a required ActiveX control. It enables the table of contents, index, and full-text search.

note:    Copy ActiveX controls to and register them on user systems. ActiveX controls are not included in compiled CHM files. For WebHelp and WebHelp Pro projects, Internet Explorer 4.0 or later supports ActiveX controls.

September 30, 2016

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