Add splash screens

note:   Applies to Microsoft HTML Help projects only.

You also can include splash screens when topics open. You can use Windows bitmaps (BMP) and GIF images.

1)In the Design Editor, open the topic to display the splash screen when opened.

2)Select Insert > HTML > Javascript > Splash Screen.

3)From Image File For Splash, click Browse and navigate to the image to use in the project.

4)Highlight the image file and click Open.

5)In Duration Of Splash Display (Seconds), set the amount of time that the image remains on the screen.

6)Click Finish. To test the splash screen, preview the topic.

tip:   You see a Splash object that identifies its location in the file. This object is not displayed in the viewer. When the topic is opened, only the image is displayed.

September 30, 2016

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