Add special fields

1)Place the cursor where you want to insert the field.

2)Select Insert > Variables > Field.

3)Select the type of field from the Value list:


Day, month, year or combinations of the day, month, and year


Time of day (including AM or PM, if desired)


Topic title or other text


Filename format


Name and value

4)Select a format for the field from the Format list.

5)(Optional) Click New. A line with the default formatting is added at the end of the Format list. Type a name for the new format in the Current Format box. The Example column displays how the field appears in the topic.

6)Click OK. The field is added to the topic.

tip:   Select Auto-Update This Field to update the field upon opening the topic. To view topic fields, from the View menu, select Show, and choose Fields.

September 30, 2016

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