Add shortcuts

note:   Applies to Microsoft HTML Help projects only.

1)In the Design Editor, click the place in the topic to add the shortcut control.

2)Select Insert > HTML > Javascript > Shortcut Wizard.

3)Set the button options.


Inserts a gray button that performs the action.


Inserts a custom image (BMP or ICO) that performs the action.


Inserts a control that is not visible in the topic.

4)Click Next to set up shortcut functionality.

Program To Run

Specifies the program to run from the control. Navigate to the drive/folder where the EXE file is located and double-click it.

Program Parameters

Defines command-line arguments to apply when the program runs, if needed.

Window Class Of Program Window

Specifies the window class.

Topic To Display

Specifies a topic to display if the program cannot be located.

5)Click Next to set the font options for the button label.

6)Click Finish.

September 30, 2016

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