Add a script to an HTML topic

1)In the Design Editor, click the place in the topic to add the script.

2)Select Insert > HTML > Javascript.

3)In the Source tab, enter the scripting code.

If you first copy the script to the Clipboard, you can click inside the Source tab and paste the data into the box. You can also type the script directly into the box.

Enclose the script within comment tags <!-- and --> for compatibility with all browsers.

4)Select the Tag tab, select a Name or Value tag to edit, and select Edit Name or Edit Value.

5)Change the tag, as needed, and click OK. The value can be VBScript or JavaScript.

The icon script_icon.png indicates where the script is inserted in the topic. To edit the script, double-click the icon.

6)Test the HTML file after you generate output.

September 30, 2016

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