Add WinHelp topic controls

note:   You cannot call topics with the @ character in the title from a Related Topics control in compiled HTML Help files.

1)In the Design Editor, click a location for the control.

2)Select Insert > HTML > Javascript > WinHelp Topic.

3)Set the button options.


Inserts a standard gray button with black text. Edit the text for the button in the text field.


Inserts a BMP or an ICO file. Click the folder button to browse to the file. Select the file and copy it into the project.


Inserts a control that is not visible in the topic. This option does not insert the control as an object in the topic.

4)Click Next. Select the WinHelp file and topic.


Specifies the Help file. Click Yes to copy the HLP file into the project folder. If the WinHelp system includes a table of contents file, click Yes to copy it into the project folder.

Display As Popup

Displays the WinHelp topic in a pop-up menu.


Specifies the type of window.

Specify Topic

Defines topic by topic title, topic ID, or map number.

5)Click Next to set the font options for the button label.

6)Click Finish. Compile the Help system to test.

tip:   Distribute the HTML Help system with the HLP and CNT files.

September 30, 2016

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