Applying usage rights to PDF files using a watched folder

This Quick Start describes how to use the Reader Extensions service to apply usage rights to a PDF document. Applying usage rights to a PDF document allows Adobe Reader users to use interactive features that are available in Adobe Acrobat. Interactive features, such as commenting and the ability to save files locally, are not available in Adobe Reader. For more information about the Reader Extensions service, see LiveCycle ES2 Services.

For example, an organization has a process to gather feedback about the content of PDF files. Using Reader Extensions, additional usage rights can be applied to the PDF document so that users can provide comments using Adobe Reader. Users copy their PDF document to a folder and then retrieve the PDF document with usage rights applied to it from another folder.

An application, named enablePDFApp, implements the service for the organization. To use the service, users copy the PDF documents to a network folder named \\LiveCycleES2Server\SendForReview\input. Users retrieve the PDF document with usage rights applied to it from a network folder named \\LiveCycleES2Server\SendForReview\readyForReview. Both folders reside on the LiveCycle ES2 server and are configured as shared folders. This configuration used to invoke the service is called a watched folder. A user ID of readadmin configured with the Services User role is used to invoke the service using watched folders. (See Configuring watched Folders endpoints in LiveCycle ES2 Administration Help.)

The enablePDFApp application includes a process, named applyREPDF, that includes the following items:

The process diagram for the applyREPDF process looks like the following illustration:


For the Apply Usage Rights operation, the following properties are configured:



For the Watched Folder start point, the following properties are configured to invoke the process:


Server Configurations


Other considerations

Before using the Apply Usage Rights operation, configure a credential for applying usage rights to the PDF document on the LiveCycle ES2 server. (See Configuring Reader Extensions ES2 in LiveCycle ES2 Administration Help.)

When the watched folder resides on the LiveCycle ES2 server, configure it as a shared folder with proper read and write permissions for the users. Users can only use a shared folder when it is configured correctly.

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