JavaScript Library API reference for HTML Workspace

Adobe LiveCycle ES4 (Version 11)

The JavaScript Library API reference (JSDocs) describe the classes and the methods available in HTML Workspace. In addition, it contains the descriptions of the parameters and return values, where required.

Category Description
Categories See CategoryList, AllCategoryFactory, FavoriteCategoryFactory and Category for fetching root categories, fetching child categories, fetching all startpoints, fetching favorite startpoints, and so on.
Startpoints See StartPointList and StartPoint for invoking a startpoint, selecting a startpoint, and so on.
Tasks See TaskList, Task and TeamTask for fetching tasks, rendering tasks, forwarding tasks, sharing tasks, and so on.
Processes and Process Instances See ProcessNameList, ProcessName, ProcessInstanceList and ProcessInstance for fetching a process list, fetching instances of processes, and so on.
Search Templates See SearchTemplateList and SearchTemplate for fetching a list of search templates and search template data.
Out of office See OutOfOffice for retrieving out of office settings of user, updating/saving out of office setting of user, and so on.
Share Queues See ShareQueue for requesting access to the queue of another user, sharing your own queue with another user, and so on.
UISettings See UISettings for updating various UI settings for a user.
Logger See LogManager and Logger for configuring logger, getting logger, logging message, and so on.
Initializer See Initializer for initializing components.
Utility See Utility for commonly used functions across HTML Workspace.
Service See Service for various service calls made through HTML Workspace.
User info and User session See UserSession and UserInfo for initializing, renewing, and terminating a user session.
User search See UserSearch for searching users and fetching their information.
WsError See WsError for rendering general fault message.

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