About XDC files

XML Forms Architecture XFA Device Control (XDC) Language, commonly called a device profile is a printer description file in XML format that makes it possible to output documents as PostScript®, PCL, ZPL, IPL, DPL, and TPCL formats. XDC files are based on an XML-based schema that describe printer capabilities and expose some print options for use by printer device drivers.

XDC files describe printer capabilities such as the printer features and the paper types. Adobe® LiveCycle® Output 11 and Adobe LiveCycle ES4 - Designer 11 use Adobe Acrobat® XML Data Package (XDP) files. Output uses XDP files to generate the Page Description Language (PDL) that is sent to a network printer. Designer uses the information in XDC files to identify page types that can be selected for master pages.

In Workbench, assets such as XDC files reside inside containers called applications. Applications contain all the resources that are required for implementing a LiveCycle solution. Storing XDC files inside applications helps you make them available to other developers on an as-needed basis. By default, the Applications view in Workbench shows the applications and assets that are available in your local folder, which were either created by you or copied from the server. You can also view the applications and assets that were checked into the server either by you or by other users. See Workbench Help for more information about LiveCycle applications.

When you want to edit an XDC file, open the XDC file from an application that contains the XDC file or from your local file system. After editing, you can save the updated XDC file in the local file system. You check the updated file back into the server to make it available for Output.

LiveCycle supports the following PDLs:

  • PostScript

  • Printer Control Language (PCL)

  • Zebra Printer Language (ZPL)

  • Intermec Printer Language (IPL) for Intermec printers

  • Datamax Printer Language (DPL) for Datamax label printers

  • TEC Printer Command Language (TPCL) for Toshiba TEC label printers

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