Configuring Output operations to handle all failures

When you add generatePDFOutput and generatePrintedOutput operations to process diagrams, they include exception event throws. However, in some cases, the operations do not throw exception events when they fail. Instead, the returned Status Document includes information about the failure. The Status Document is an XML document that summarizes the results of the operation.

To handle all failure scenarios, include the following configurations in your process diagrams:

  • To handle failures that are indicated in the Status Document, draw routes from the operation and add conditions to the route. The conditions evaluate the Status Document to see whether an exception has occurred.

  • To handle failures that throw exception events, draw routes from the exception event throws. (See Handling event catches.)

The Status Document includes a status element:

  • If the operation was successful, the status element contains a zero (0).

  • If an exception occurred, the status element contains any text other than a zero (0).

The XPath expression that retrieves the text in the status element is /process_data/[XML variable name]/printResult/status, where [XML variable name] is the name of the variable that stores the status document.

Use routing conditions to evaluate the returned status document and determine whether an exception occurred. For example, the Status Document property of a generatePDFOutput operation is set to an XML variable named XMLvar. The following condition is true when an exception has occurred:

/process_data/XMLvar/printResult/status != 0

Handle exceptions that are indicated in the Status Document:

  1. Configure the generatePDFOutput or generatePrintedOutput operation so that the Status Document property is set to an XML variable. The returned document value will be automatically coerced from a document value (binary) to an XML value (text).

  2. Draw a route from the generatePDFOutput or generatePrintedOutput operation to the operation that you want to execute when the exception occurs.

  3. Add a condition to the route that compares the text in the status element to zero (0).

Handle exceptions that throw exception events:

 See Handling event catches.

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