Interacts with encryption settings of PDF documents. You can encrypt a PDF document with a password to secure its contents or a certificate. You can encrypt the entire PDF document (includes its content, metadata, and attachments), everything other than its metadata, or only the attachments.

When you encrypt a PDF document with a password, you must specify two password values. The first password value, open password, enables the PDF document to be opened in Adobe Reader or Acrobat. The other password value, permission password, is used when removing password-based encryption from a PDF document.

When you encrypt a PDF document with a certificate, you must provide the location of the certificate.

Any combination of encrypting, certifying, and applying usage rights to the same document must occur in the following order. These services must be invoked within a short-lived process:

  1. Encrypt (Encryption service or the Apply policy operation (deprecated) operation of the Rights Management service)

  2. Certify PDF operation (Signature service)

  3. Apply Usage Rights operation (Reader Extensions service)

For information about using the Encryption service, see Services Reference for Adobe LiveCycle ES4.

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