Troubleshooting your LiveCycle database

This section describes possible issues you may encounter with your LiveCycle database and suggests steps for avoiding or working around them.

If your database is failing to bootstrap, perform the following check:

  • The database has adequate disk space to grow.

  • The database configuration meets minimum database configuration requirements. For configuration requirements for your database type, see the Preparing to Install LiveCycle (Single Server) document.

  • See the manufacturer’s documentation.

Note: If your database administrator cannot successfully bootstrap the database after these checks, the database manufacturer needs to be contacted immediately.

To ensure continuous availability and performance of your LiveCycle database, do the tasks:

  • Continuously monitor the database as it is running for performance related problems.

  • Continuously monitor database growth to ensure adequate disk space is available at all times.

  • Consider LiveCycle component usage: Intense Adobe® LiveCycle® Process Management applications will grow the database more substantially than intense PDF Generator applications.

  • Review manufacturers database performance documentation.

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