How developers interact with services

When a service or application is deployed within LiveCycle, it can be invoked by a client application by using different mechanisms. From the LiveCycle Administration Console, a service can be configured to be exposed by one or more of these mechanisms.

You can interact with a service in any of the following ways:

  • Develop a process in LiveCycle Workbench that uses the service.

  • Develop a client application that uses the service’s API in Java™ or in an environment that permits you to use its exposed WSDL, such as Microsoft® Visual Studio .NET. Most services provide public APIs.

  • Develop a client application in Adobe Flash® Builder™ that uses (Deprecated for AEM forms) LiveCycle Remoting to interact with the service. Most services can be invoked by using (Deprecated for AEM forms) LiveCycle Remoting.

    A service can also be invoked by using email and watched folders. Additionally, some services can automatically invoke other services. The Assembler service can invoke other services that are specified in the DDX file it processes. The Generate PDF service can invoke other services that are specified by the PDFG Internet Printer feature.

    For more information about the different ways to programmatically invoke services, see “Invoking LiveCycle” in Programming with LiveCycle.

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