Converting HTML to PDF

The Generate PDF service provides two operations for converting HTML files to PDF documents:

  • HtmlToPDF2 operation converts an HTML file located at a given URL.

  • HtmlFileToPDF operation converts an HTML file or a ZIP file that contains HTML files and images.

You can specify how the HTML file is converted to PDF, including the following characteristics:

  • Spidering settings that specify inclusion of other HTML content referenced by the original HTML file

  • Page conversion settings that specify page size and margins, page orientation, header and footer content, and initial view

  • Document display options that specify the viewing characteristics when the PDF document is opened in a viewing application such as Acrobat

Note: The HTML-to-PDF conversion capability requires post-deployment specification of system font folders. In particular, the primary system font folder must contain all fonts that are used for such conversions. Alternatively, your system administrator can use Configuration Manager to specify the locations of font folders. (See Installing and Deploying LiveCycle Using JBoss Turnkey.)

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