Enabling debug options

You can enable debug options when rendering a PDF form, rights-enabled PDF form, or Guide (deprecated). When enabling the debug option, you can obtain additional information, such as the value of run-time values. To set debug options for the renderPDFForm or renderPDFFormWithUsageRights operations within in a process created in Workbench, create a variable of type PDFFormRenderSpec. Then, using the setValue operation, set /process_data/pdfFormRenderSpecVar/object/@debugEnabled to true. Similarly, for the renderHTMLForm operation, use a variable of type HTMLRenderSpec.

Verifying fonts are available to LiveCycle

Ensure that fonts that are available within a form are available for use on the server hosting LiveCycle. For example, consider the following scenario. A form author adds a font to the font directory that Designer uses and creates a form on a separate computer. For the Forms service to use that font, ensure that the font is deployed on the J2EE application server that LiveCycle is installed on. Otherwise, the font cannot be used. You can use Administration Console to deploy fonts.

Note: For information about setting up fonts for the Output service, see Specifying fonts to embed in LiveCycle Administration Console Help.

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