Retaining Legacy Appearance of PDF Forms

In LiveCycle, PDF forms rendered with the assistance of Forms, Output, or Form Data Integration (FDI) services have the appearance that is close to PDF forms in Acrobat XI. However, if you are upgrading from the previous version of LiveCycle, and would like to retain the older appearance of PDF forms, you can set a service-level configuration option for the Forms, Output, and FDI services. For the Forms, Output, or FDI service, when the value of this option (Appearance Compatibility Mode) is set to 9, all PDF forms rendered using the service appear in the legacy appearance. Any other value set for this option results in generated PDF forms appearing with the look and feel enabled by LiveCycle.

This option can be set from the Administration Console (see the Managing Services topic in the LiveCycle Administration Help) or from Workbench (see Workbench Help).

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